What is research work?

Step 8: Use the information Read the source material, watch the video, listen to tapes or interviews, and take notes.

You will also need to provide additional citation information in the Cited Works or References page. If you are paraphrasing, that is, not using the correct words, but using someone else’s idea, it is still important to give credit. Quotes are not needed here, but it is important to indicate where the idea came from..

Once you have made all the changes you think are necessary, read the article again to make sure it all makes sense. Especially when working on a computer, it is easy to leave or delete a word, sentence or paragraph that you do not have the word for. If you are tired of seeing your research paper, take it to a friend, mentor or teacher and ask them to see your paper and tell them what they think of the content. If you are quoting something literally, you should quote your source.

By referring to your resources when gathering and organizing information, you are simply greatly simplifying your life. At the same time, adjust your notes by sub-theme and importance. It will be easier for you to identify and list the information you need when writing an article..

“My research topic is recidivism under Ethiopian criminal law and offenders of new offenses.” Thank you to all the authors for making the site read 3,981,403 times. This article is co-authored by Chris Hadley, PhD. Chris Hadley, Ph.D., is part of the wikiHow team working on content, data, and analytics strategy. Chris Hadley received his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2006. Chris’s academic research has been published in many scientific journals. I believe the questionnaires are attached to the section annex of the document with survey forms, raw data, documentation and other tables..

In addition to the overall structure of your article, magnify specific words and make sure your language is strong. Be sure to double check if you are using an active voice instead of a passive one, and make sure you choose clear and specific words. While this is not always necessary, considering the opposite of the argument can help make your argument more convincing. After presenting your evidence, mention the opposite point of view of the topic. Then explain why this other view is wrong and why your claim is more plausible. Like content editing, editing a grammar can take several steps. It can even help you get back to the documents feeling more focused, which is the key to identifying and correcting mistakes…

Once you have gathered your resources, review them and remove the ones you do not need in your search. Remember that research is only about a specific topic. Finding a topic is probably the hardest part of the whole process, especially when no topic is assigned.

Step 1. Choosing a theme


A research paper is written documentation on a topic that is supported by evidence-based evidence and similar information. This is where you provide the background and context for the rest of your article. Write a strong introductory sentence that engages the reader. Just because you are writing a research paper does not mean you have to be dry and boring. As you read and evaluate the information received, keep notes. Keep track of your reference materials in order to cite them and create your bibliography later.

Correction of spelling, grammar and formatting errors. Once you have changed the structure and content of the article, correct any typos and grammatical errors. Again, it is helpful to set the article aside for a while in order to read it with a fresh eye. Try not to include extra words to fill in the blank space on the page or for the weird sound.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab website and other university writing lab sites are excellent resources to help you understand what information you need to gather in order to cite links correctly. For assistance in developing your thesis statement, see the Center for English Language Abstracts. “Thanks to the fact that we write with a lot of information, everything was easy to understand”..

Using technology as an example, you can highlight topics related to children’s mental development, jaundice, physical development – orange, etc. You will start to discover important points that are outside the scope of your thesis statement, be sure to write them down so that you can come back to them later….


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